About the campaign

So we at Romance Ink decided to do something, in light of all the bruhaha thats been scuffing up in the publishing industry. We believe in AUTHORS, not just one kind or one form of publishing, and we always have. So in order to foster an amazing campaign about reading, where readers are telling the industry It doesn't matter HOW your published, only that theres work being produced for readers to read. 

So with that all in mind we went a step further, and came up with something awesome to get readers involved in the promotion and awesomeness of reading... and decided on a missions grassroots campaign for readers to do!

ONLY the people that buy this shirt will be able to participate, as you need to wear the shirt for the majority of it. Shirt buyers will get a list of missions, to be done over a 6 month period (August 1-January 28th)and posted to Instagram, FB, twitter and Vine. a lot of the missions can actually be DONE at AAD! We have already hit goal on the shirts so this a a guaranteed event!

And the Prizes are AMAZING! Grand prize is either Registration and a room for AAD 2015 OR TNEE 2016! thats a MAJOR value! And Several authors have joined up in the craziness!
The more shirts that get sold, the more authors we are adding! 

Authors.... if you would like to participate as a sponsor author, please contact STELLA PRICE